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When I began my dentistry career, I knew that I didn’t want to do just stock standard dentistry.

Drill and Fill.

I wanted to do something that excited me!




Of course, all of this starts off with whether you THINK you can do these things, or not…

So if you’re sitting there right now, dreaming, wishing that you were a better dentist. 

Wishing you could do full mouth rehab…

Wishing you could do this and that…But in your mind you keep telling yourself “I’m not good enough…everyone else is doing so well…”

If you’re feeding yourself those thoughts, that attitude is literally changing your brain!

Your brain has incredible neuroplasticity, it is changing all the time.

The famous Professor Merzenich has shown that the simple difference between the attitudes “I can do it” vs “I can’t do it” is enough that the brain will change to accommodate and reflect that attitude.

This is where the power of intention and attitude is so so important!

Cultivate a better attitude!

Choose! And cultivate the attitude that “I can do it! This is what I want to do.”

Know your outcome – know exactly what it is that you want to create and do in dental, know where your skill set is at right now, and cultivate a supportive attitude.

Then, your brain will give you all the information and strategies you need to get there.

Don’t get so overwhelmed with the end result.

Just get clear on what you want and focus on cultivating that attitude. This will allow your brain to start to change and respond to support and enable you.

It IS scary – of course it is – just like your first filling or root canal.

The more you practice and take small, consistent actions, the skill sets that you need, the fine motor skills and the way that you think, it will all change according to what it is that you want!

Attitude is everything!


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