Uncategorized Nov 30, 2018

I was talking to another Dental Woman recently…

She was getting frustrated that there were a few procedures that she thought she should have mastered, that she didn’t know how to do.

She was feeling frustrated that she had reared a family and had children earlier and hadn’t gone to do a lot of the courses that she wanted to.

She was really beating herself down about the fact that she felt really behind in her career.

I started to think to myself…The problem isn’t that she didn’t do all these courses. (She just had other priorities.)

The problem was that she had this fixed mindset!

It was all about her. What she didn’t do. What she could have been. Her failures.

Unfortunately, when you come from that mindset and it’s fixed…when you feel that this is how it ‘should’ be, you’ll suffer. You’ll never be happy with how it is right now.

One of my mentors talks about having a fixed mindset versus having a growth mindset.

If you’ve got a fixed mindset its all about you.

What you can achieve.

What you can become.

And then of course the failures are all about you as well!

But, if you come from a growth mindset, you’ll think ‘This situation provides me with … How can I grow from that? How can I learn from that?’

Then, even your greatest heartaches, fears and tragedies become your greatest lessons!

Thats how you cultivate curiosity!

You learn more.

You actually better yourself and find much more fulfilment.

This is because its not only about you.

It’s also about what you can serve and give to other people. 

Or what you can learn from life in general!

The reality here is, when you’re feeling that you’re not quite there yet, that there’s so much to do, you feel inundated…rather than thinking about what you haven’t done or what you haven’t achieved, think about what you have achieved!

Think about what you can learn from what you’ve ‘failed’ in.

Because your failures are not failures – they are actually opportunities for you to grow and learn!

Often the ‘failures’ you have are the biggest lessons you have in life.

These are things you’ll remember the most.

Take this on board… Do you want to have a fixed mindset where you don’t learn from anything?

Or do you want to cultivate curiosity and learning from a growth mindset?


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