Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

Is your business in turmoil?

Are you finding your clinic and staff are all over the shop?

I’ve got some bad news for you…

Your business looks like you. Your clinic is a representation and reflection of you and how you lead.

Until you are actually able to realise this and grow yourself as a leader, you’ll just continue to face the same problem over and over again.

That’s the reality.

If you’re trying to point the finger and make the bitching/gossiping/suspicion in your practice someone else’s fault. Remember, every time you point a finger, there are THREE pointing back at you.

So let go of your ego for a moment.

Reflect on where this could be YOUR responsibility, where could YOU be cultivating this in the culture of your business? Are you gossiping? Are you bitching? Are you passive aggressive?

Until you take responsibility, nothing will change.

I have an incredible team today, but it wasn’t always that way.

It wasn’t until I realised the common denominator was ME.

I couldn’t keep blaming it on someone else.

Change yourself. Create yourself as the leader. Create a safe environment for your team. Stop micromanaging or criticising.

Your team will stop watching their backs and being suspicious and will start using that same energy to serve and grow your business!

The havoc in your business is often because of YOU!


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