The Practice Your Passion MASTERMIND is an intimate tribe of powerful women ready to drive BIG results in their business, lives and loves.

We dream big dreams, follow through and have maximum impact.

And we're ready to disrupt the status quo - to be the voice for women in medicine.


Dive. Deep.

So... you’ve lit the Practice Your Passion candle and you’re starting to glow. But there’s still a burning desire in you to UP the intensity. Because you know that you once your fire is ignited, it needs to burn bright. To illuminate you and the world around you.

You understand the incredible power of doing this with an intimate group of women coming together. Women from different lives who share a common cause. To actualise their potential. Because you know you are so much more. Beyond just medicine, dentistry, your job, your hats, your titles and businesses. You know you have so much more to offer in this world. You don’t want to waste any more time of this one precious life you have.

To stress less, earn more and find freedom in your day.
But ALSO to do something beyond you - for others.

To leave a legacy. And by collaborating and connecting in this intimate tribe, you know you will actualise this dream much faster.



What is the PYP Mastermind?

1:1 Sessions with Fern

Personalised sessions with Dr. Fern, diving deep into specific areas you have in Business, Life and/or Love.

Group Coaching x 12

Every month we all jump onto a LIVE  PYP Power video calls where I coach you to master 12 set topics. We're a tribe of social learning.

Four Day Retreats x 2

Live Retreats are filled with connection, breakthrough, education, new resources and strategies you can implement in your life.


High Performance Sessions with our Coaches

Working with our High Performance Coaches, you can orientate, improve your life and expand into your dreams.

2 x Tickets to Live Workshops

We're holding live workshops in 2019 and you get 2 tickets, one for you and one for a friend.

Extra Bonuses

For those who are prepared to join the Mastermind and pay for the full year upfront, we have A LOT of amazing extras.  

"Dr Fern White entered my life a couple of years ago through her live videos on Facebook. I was instantly drawn to her wisdom and asked her to be one of my main speakers at the Dentistry by Women Forum! Fern's presentation was beyond empowering - it was transformational for all that were present, including me! Her connection to all the audience was due to her simplicity, her honesty and her passion for what she believes in.

Women in the dental field have been waiting for someone like Dr. Fern to rise up and guide us on how to cope with all the different hats we wear as women everyday!

With Fern's help, I learnt to relax more, stress less, LOVE ME MORE, rejoice and above all be more grateful. My new attitude affected my work and my family life in such a positive way. Working with Fern is something that I have been recommending to all women in medicine!"

Dr. Angie Papas
Dentist, Boss Lady, Event Manager


The topics we cover in our monthly group video sessions.

Clarity over your life and goals

Energy to increase your vitality and feel alive

Courage to have confidence to do the things that are holding you back

Productivity - work less, but get more done

Influence to create the ideal relationships

Mind - make sure it is free and vibrant

Persuasion to move people

Purpose - make sure you are living your dream

Heart - learn to feel and love deeply


These luxury retreats will be filled with connection, breakthroughs, education, healthy living and new resources ... real strategies you can implement in your business and life.

Be prepared to grow, be challenged, share and impact your world!  

And lots of hugs and oxytocin!  

Change the game.

Joining Masterminds have completely changed my life and I know it will change yours.

I remember signing the credit card payment form to apply for my first mastermind.
$30K was the biggest single investment I had made in myself.

And the biggest investment was time away from my family. Time away from my little girl. That was a big sacrifice. But I knew that I was ready. I had reached a time in my career when it was good, but I knew I had much more to live and give.

I was going to dig deep and make the investment worth it and so much more. To be around people who inspired me. Thought leaders who were already crushing it. I knew that if I was around people who dreamt big and more importantly, did big things, I would achieve my own dreams much faster.
And my potential was actualised. But most important of all, I developed some of the best friendships to remind me of my dreams.

Masterminds are the fastest way to accelerate growth, learning and doing!

It was because of the masterminds that I was able to grow the PYP movement to where it is now in just 2 years!

You are worth this. Love, Fern

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PYP Mastermind.


Note: This is a 12 month, 5 figure investment.

Spaces are capped each year to 25 women.

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