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Dr. Fern's offerings:


Take part in Fern's online Masterclass where she explores Stress, Anxiety, Communication and how to live a life you absolutely LOVE. It's FREE and you can register below.


Practice Your Passion

This is the only online course designed specifically for Medicine Women to learnt about stress, their bodies, pleasure, relationships and business communication. 


PYP Mastermind

An intimate circle of international Medicine Women forming a close community where we share, dive deep and create the lives that we desire.


Dr. Fern

Dr. Fern purchased her dental practice in 2009, after climbing the Dental rungs. Six months in, she had a panic attack. She was depleted – overworked with endless staff challenges, constant searing physical pain, financial stress, relationship breakdown and anxiety. Dr. Fern faced a seemingly insurmountable list of problems that are accepted as ‘the norm’ by so many others in her industry.

Fern has been invited to speak in the US, Europe and Australia to audiences focussed on medicine and dental advancements. She breaks up the technical nature of medicine with her unique voice and style.

Fern explores topics at the heart of healing:

  • Mental Health for Practitioners
  • Female Business Ownership
  • Female Embodiment
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Pleasure and Relationships
  • Patient & Staff Communication
  • Patient Treatment & Healing



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