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If you're not Practicing Your Passion, you're wasting your one precious life.

Join the only program in the world that holds the ROADMAP for female dentists and doctors to live a life you absolutely LOVE.

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My Break Down was actually my Break Through

In 2009, I looked like I had it all - young dentist, boss-lady, long term relationship, new owner of a dental clinic. But on the inside I was volcano waiting to erupt. I was stretched thin trying to hold the facade of my life together. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders as the breadwinner: working on patients 6 days a week and every other spare time trying to hold my business together. I was in emotional and physical turmoil.
Then I broke down.
And found a different way to be - I took myself from burnt out dentist to abundant Boss Lady using these 4 concepts.


"This course is one of the best things I've ever signed up for. The absolute heart and passion Fern has put into it is amazing and inspiring. She is creating a movement to inspire medicine women. This is probably the most valuable CE that you'll ever do."

Dr. Marie Sullivan - Stradford USA
Dental Surgeon

"I've been practicing for 6 years and own my own practice. PYP is an amazing program, it's not just another course on how to sell a treatment plan or do a composite. It's something that will improve your life. PYP has really helped me to manage stress and anxiety. It has made me happier. PYP teaches you tools that will help you improve your life, to be a happier person. The course isn't very demanding on time, it's small steps that will make an amazing difference in your life. If you're even considering it, do it now! "

Dr. Jennifer Sanders - Montana USA
Dentist & Practice Owner

Find out the ONE THING that is standing in your way of success and fulfilment - and learn how to completely crush it & get back TRUST and CONFIDENCE in yourself.

What is Practice Your Passion?

PYP is a 4 part, interactive video-based training program that teaches effective, body-based stress reduction strategies along with mindset, communication and business skills to medicine women (dentists & doctors) who want more from their life (family, relationships and work).

Videos & Exercises

Our online course features over 40 videos and exercises designed to create a life you absolutely love. This is not just another professional development course, we work with your body, mindset, habits and patterns... as well as upgrading your business and communication skills. 

Roadmap to Freedom

The Bucket Effect™ is our framework and method to ensure that you get REAL results - ones that you can actually feel and make a difference in your daily life. We step through the 4 phases, each with a series of videos and special guests to ensure you're progressing and making changes. 

Community Support

Most importantly, we have created a community of medicine women. We support one another to live our best lives, as well as share the moments that we are struggling with. This community is here to share and discuss ANYTHING with the community of Medicine Women around the globe.

STOP doing the daily grind of life and START feeling alive again. 

Join the ALL NEW Practice Your Passion™ online course and learn the 4 Strategies which I used to reduce my work days from 6 to 2 and still double my business profits.  But more importantly exponentiate my freedom and joy in life again.

This is the culmination of my last 10 years of research and learnings with the world's greatest teachers and thought leaders.

Don't spend the 10 years or 100s of 1000s of dollars I did to learn this.

I made the investment and mistakes so you didn't have too.

It's all here in this roadmap of PYP for you.

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$1997 USD

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$800 USD


Full Course Access

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Weekly Group Coaching

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How are the most successful lady doctors so fulfilled? 

It's because they have learnt to crush the stress in their lives and mastered these 4 Practice Your Passion concepts:


What would your mind be like if you could filter out all the disempowering, critical, fearful thoughts and create new empowering beliefs that would shape your reality?  It would be FREE.  So would you.

Learn the one major technique to actually change your brain.


Sometimes you simply need to know how to let it all out safely. Learn how to transform Anxiety, Fear, Shame, Pain into TRUST and CONFIDENCE.

Learn the one small thing you need to do each day to free your body from the pent up emotional baggage and transmute it into a stress free you.


Now we're ready to get BIG! Learn how to expand your energy, pleasure and vitality so you have so much more time.  Feel ALIVE!

Learn the simple techniques to get your body running at tremendous vitality.

Learn how to get more time back immediately.


Would you like to be a master communicator?

Learn how to do this and transform your relationships with your partner, your dream team and your patients. 

Learn how to upgrade yourself to 10X your business growth. 

Learn the techniques to be the most empowered and respected lady leader.


Join in the conversation with 100's of medicine women from all over the globe. 

One of the greatest benefits that our graduates talk about is CONNECTING with like minded, equally stressed and busy women who are tackling the same issues... and hearing success stories of how they achieved freedom in their own lives.

You are the product of the people you are around the most!

Join inspiring and successful, joyful women!

Come and join our private group

Dr. LISA Bahoo - New Zealand "a powerful driver for change" "handle situations from a place of centredness" "revolutionary program" "would have taken me years" "the support network is so special" "Dr Fern is an inspiration, very real"

Dr. MEGAN Goff- Australia "It might not be what you expect but it will be better and so much more fulfilling than you ever imagined"

Dr. ANNA Chow - Australia "I wasn't sure about my passion" "work was a toxic environment" "I needed clarity and guidance" "helped empower me, I now have control" "excited for the future" "my family is happier" "I'm so grateful for Dr Fern's vision & program"

A little about Dr. Fern White

Dental Surgeon, Boss Lady of an all female team, Mentor, Mum, Yoga & Embodiment Teacher, Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker.

Vietnamese born, but now an Aussie at heart, Dr. Fern White 'came by boat’ as a 2 year old refugee.
Her migrant parents pushed her hard to ‘succeed’. So she climbed the rungs of achievement to own a dental practice now run by an all female team.

In one year she doubled her clinic turnover from $900000 to $2M. But more importantly, reduced her dental working days from 6 down to 2 to buy her Freedom.

Dr Fern has over 15 years experience in dentistry, with a passion in oral surgery and complex cosmetic dentistry.  

However, her other passion is coaching and creating massive transformation for female dentists and doctors to step into their power.

She is an internationally recognised speaker and workshop leader who shakes the stage with her alternative energetic, heart centred approach.

Dr. Fern has been featured in Dumbo Feather Magazine, Of Kin, Bite Magazine, International podcasts, SBS TV and the ‘I came by Boat’ Campaign.

"I was at a breaking point and didn’t want to go back to work.
I knew I needed the PYP companion to take home with me. It did not disappoint. The camaraderie from the group of women from all over the world was exactly what I needed and silent tears streamed down my face as I watched everyone's journey. If that had been all there was to the program it was a gift worth more than words can express. And from there the journey unfolded and hit on so many topics that were exactly what I had been struggling with. Thank you so much Dr. Fern for being my sister and friend for these weeks! I so looked forward to our meetings each day, and plan to start over again to re watch it all."

Dr. Janie Busk
Dentist and Boss Lady - Washington, US

What do you get?

  • PYP (new and improved) program including 12 CPD points (worth $4997)
  • The women’s hormones and gut health course to accelerate your energy ($1997)
  • Mindset transformation module and movement course to start changing your brain ($2997)
  • Weekly group coaching with our PYP Coach to keep you inspired, motivated and on track ($3997)
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all video training modules, so you can keep growing continuously in your life ($1997)
  • Lifetime membership to the PYP community so you never feel alone again ($997)
  • Private FB group exclusive to PYP with hundreds of female expert for extra advice and motivation (priceless)
  • Custom fillable worksheets to get you DOING rather than consuming

= Over $16,000 in VALUE


  • 3 Mini course interviews with world class lady experts to accelerate your learnings (worth $1997)
  • The business systems I use to turn my business from 6 figures to millions (worth $4997)
  • The step-by-step New Patient process that doubled my income (worth $3997)
  • The relationships course on how to ignite passion and trust in your relationships ($1997)

= Over $12,000 in Bonuses

LIFETIME ACCESS means you can complete the course in 4 weeks or 4 months.  You also can repeat it over and over free of charge as you continue to grow.

WORKSHEETS and practical exercises so you can start DOING and changing rather than just consuming content (albeit amazing content!)

GUARANTEE on your results if you do the work!

All the RESULTS are tested and proven by Dr.Fern and her students. Everything she teaches she has achieved.

"I started the PYP program in March 2018, after realising how full my bucket was, as I was trying to do too many projects while still working full time at my practice and also leading a very busy social life - and let's not forget trying to be a wife and a mum at the same time! I was truly amazed at how easy this program was to follow , even with a hectic schedule. PYP forced me to face my fears, my anxieties and my doubts (and YES, for those of you who know me, I too have those feelings, even though I hide them very well). I stopped the resistance and I accepted them all and week by week, with Dr Fern's guidance, I managed to work through them. I learnt to relax more, stress less, love me more, rejoice more and above all be more grateful. My new attitude affected my work and my family life in such a positive way. PYP is a course that I have been recommending to all the women I know, as I have witnessed first hand the amazing transformation you receive once you follow it through!"

Dr. Angie Papas
Dentist, Speaker, Boss Lady - Australia

How do you want to start?


$1997 USD

Full Course Access

Life Time Access

Life Time Community Membership

Weekly Group Coaching

Bonus Packages



$800 USD


Full Course Access

Life Time Access

Life Time Community Membership

Weekly Group Coaching

Bonus Packages


No Risk - 100% Guaranteed

We believe so much in the transformative effects of PYP that we offer a money back guarantee.

The onus is on you though to do the work for yourself - then gain the benefits.

Our policy for the money back guarantee on PYP applies to women who have joined, gone through and completed the course but haven’t been able to create ANY results.

We refund (minus the bank and administration charges of $100USD) on the condition that you have completed at least 90% of the PYP tasks and the relevant homework - and can show evidence of this - as well as the surveys and still have not received ANY benefit whatsoever from applying the tools you have learned to your life.

This guarantee applies for 30 days  after purchasing the program. There is no refund for change of mind - without putting in effort for your results.

Common Questions

Q. Will I have enough TIME?
A. For the first time ever, we are offering LIFETIME access which means you can do this course in any time frame you wish. You can also repeat this course as many times as you wish - and we guarantee every time you do, you will learn something new!

Q.Is there a refund policy?
A. We are so confidence of the transformation that we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All you need to do is show us that you’ve gone through the program and you’ve done the work, and if you did not change at all, then you will be entitled to a full refund.

Q. What if I’m too busy?
A. The course has been designed with the busy lady in mind. It builds on itself, so you can pace it according to your lifestyle. A little bit at a time to start installing the amazing habits. Just keep a tiny bit of momentum in your life! You’re worth that!

Q. It’s too expensive for me?
A. We offer a payment plan option and also a student option. This is a lifetime roadmap for you - and it will actually cost you more in your freedom and time if you don’t invest in yourself now.

Q. What if I need more one on one support?
A. We also have a PYP package to work one on one with our high performance coaches alongside the online program as we understand some of us need face to face interaction. This will accelerate your learnings and hold you even more accountable to change. You will also have access to our PYP community of hundreds of inspiring powerful lady dentists, doctors and experts to support you on your way.

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